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Student Employment

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Be Healthy!

In honor of International Mental Health Awareness Week, we'd like to share some information.

First, consider stopping by the mental health awareness event on the Driscoll Bridge sponsored by DU Peer Educators, the Health and Counseling Center, Psychology Club, and Psi Chi. These organizations will have a booth there today and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There, you can find info about health and get a free massage.

Additionally, the booth on the bridge will have a “Pledge Chain” in which students can sign a pledge to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health services. Students will also have the option to sign their own “Health” pledge (i.e. “I pledge to get more sleep”, “I pledge to de-stress by actually working out three times a week”, etc.).

Here's some mental health facts about DU students collected and shared by DU Peer Educators, the Health and Counseling Center, Psychology Club, and Psi Chi:

1. In any two week period, over 50% of your peers have felt overwhelmed by all they need to do.
2. Make sleep a priority. During any 2 week period 50% of DU students will experience exhaustion.
3. Remember to spend time with friends and family or even meet new people. 20% of DU students experience feelings of loneliness in any given two week period.
4. Work out to relieve some stress. In any two week period 17.6% of DU students will feel overwhelming anxiety.
5. In one year, 13.9% of DU students have been diagnosed or treated for anxiety. You are not alone. If you feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety, visit the health and counseling center to talk with someone about it.
6. In one year 42.3% of DU students feel that academics are difficult to handle. If you’re struggling, get some extra help from your professor or start a study group.
7. Over the course of a year, 47.2% of DU students have felt more than an average amount of stress. Go to a fun workout class to sweat out stress.
8. Over the course of a year, 39.6% of DU students felt sleepy and like they were dragging throughout the day. Get your 8 hours of sleep a night; it will be good for your mind, body and even test scores (study too).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wrap Up on the 2010 Part-Time Job Fair

The 2010 Part-Time Job Fair on Sept. 22 was a success! A big thanks to the employers who made the event worthwhile: Avid Tutors; Bank of the West; CM IT Solutions, Inc.; Cricket Communications; College Nannies and Tutors; Colorado High School Activities Assn.; Footers Catering; Hyatt; Liberty Tax Services; Mad Greens; Sales Up; Science Matters in Colorado; Strategic Programs, Inc.; Tutor Doctor; and Wells Fargo. If you're a student who is still searching for a job, several of our employers have open positions, which they've posted at In a survey, the majority of employers who attended the fair (88 percent) indicated they would hire DU students they met at the fair.