Student Employment

Student Employment

Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Essential Piece: Mary Van

After less than two years of employment in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at the University of Denver, Mary Van anticipates tasks that need to be completed. It makes life a lot easier for her supervisor and nominator, Laurel Shurtleff, the department's budget manager.

"Mary undertakes work assignments with initiative and pride," according to Shurtleff. In addition to working as an administrative assistant and managing her courses, Van has volunteered her time to World Vision and Boys & Girls Club. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee is a sophomore who is majoring in business. Cheers to Mary for all her hard work.

An Essential Piece: Greg Hisscock

In his position as Aquatics Coordinator for DU Recreation, there is no doubt about it: Greg Hisscock is swimming, not sinking. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee was hired as a swim instructor, but quickly took on additional duties, eventually working cooperatively with four different supervisors.

He assists with retail for DU athletic events, serves as the Hilltopper Swim Meet Manger, and helps organize a variety of collegiate swim meets. His nominator, Hilltoppers Head Coach Shawn Smith, attests Hisscock has streamlined the preparation process for swim meets and brought a heightened sense of organization to operations. Hisscock is a second-year graduate student of forensic psychology. We salute his exceptional work!

An Essential Piece: Rachael Dudley

Deborah Bain hires about 50 students each year. The Events and Operations Manager at the University of Denver Driscoll Student Center says she has never employed a student as reliable as Rachael Dudley. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee is a building coordinator at the center. Her duties include supervising customer service staff, managing events and general troubleshooting.

Bain's simple declaration sums it up: "I never have to worry when Rachael is on duty." Dudley is a student in the 4/1 program, which will enable her to earn her MBA in one year.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Essential Piece: Jonathan Stiefel

To say that Jonathan Stiefel's position requires patience and skill would be an understatement. As an IT technician for the School of Engineering and Computer Science, he diagnoses and repairs university-owned computers."It is very helpful to have someone who can just sit down, and work on (repairs) independently, and then report to me when the problem is fixed without needing much guidance," observes his nominator and supervisor, IT Director Tim Sheu.

Sheu also remarks, "Jonathan stands out to me for his enthusiasm and interest in the job. He has interest in not just his own duties, but the more technical aspects of the other parts of my job." Stiefel is a junior at DU who is majoring in engineering.

An Essential Piece: Becca Roy

Becca Roy is often the first person to greet alumni, donors and students who contact the Office of Alumni Relations at the University of Denver. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee does so pleasantly and professionally.

"Her positive attitude and ability to think analytically will serve her well in her future endeavors. She is a joy to have on the team," according to Cheri Stanford, her nominator and the associate director of Alumni Programs. In addition to working 15-20 hours per week on campus, Roy volunteers her service to nonprofits, including The Brick Foundation. She is a second-year graduate student of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Congratulations, Becca, on your nomination!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Essential Piece: Justin Ritter

While many of his peers sleep in, Justin Ritter is at the office of Human Resources at the University of Denver. He arrives early, around 7:50 a.m., to switch on computers and make coffee. "These functions are not in his specific job duties, but he steps up for the team and helps out with the opening of the office without being asked," writes Recruiting Specialist Sean Lipsey, who nominated Ritter for 2011 Student Employee of the Year.

Ritter, a sophomore who is majoring in International Studies, finds new and efficient ways to perform tasks and patiently guides staff and faculty candidates through the online application process. "We have always been able to count on Justin, and that means a lot to our department," remarks Lipsey. Thanks, Justin, for all your hard work.

An Essential Piece: Anna Patrick

Attention to detail, lots of patience, and advanced customer service skills. These are a few of the qualities Anna Patrick exhibits as an administrative assistant in the Office of Financial Aid at the University of Denver. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year has mastered procedures and policies so well, she is able to provide guidance to new staff members, according to one of her nominators, Shawn Murphy, Associate Director of Financial Aid Programs.

"I wish we had 10 Annas," remarks Chris George, Director of Financial Aid, "but thankfully, her legacy will continue with leadership of the younger Work-Study staff." Patrick is a second-year graduate student in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. She graduates in June. Congratulations to Anna on a well-deserved nomination.

Monday, March 28, 2011

An Essential Piece: Joel Portman

Joel Portman far exceeds expectations. Not only is he reliable and exacting in his work, the 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee has implemented processes that improve the overall quality of work at the University of Denver Center for Multicultural Excellence, according to his nominators, Johanna Leyba, Assistant Provost for Inclusive Excellence, and Thomas Walker, Program Director of Intergroup Relations.

Leyba and Walker attest Portman has built a strong network of student leaders, administrators, faculty and staff, which he draws upon to encourage engagement in CME projects. During a staff change, Portman stepped up, handling the organization of key CME programs, including the 2011 Diversity Summit, Voices of Discovery, and the Diversity and Unity Retreat. Portman plans to graduate in June through the 4/1 program. He will have earned a bachelor's degree in International Studies and master's in Business Administration.

An Essential Piece: Anna Milner

The Suitts Center for Graduate Career Services at the Daniels College of Business is a busy place. It seems to be the perfect fit for Anna Milner, who thrives on multi-tasking and staying occupied at work, according to her supervisor, Patty Hickman, the Center's Assistant Director.

"What makes Anna unique," observes Hickman, "is the consistently high quality of her work, her dedication and enthusiasm for all that she does, her ability to relate well with a wide variety of people, and her positive attitude toward all tasks."  Milner is a second-year graduate student at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. She graduates in June. Congratulations on your nomination, Anna!

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Essential Piece: Jeannette Le

"If we define 'quality' as 'the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationship by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs, than it is safe to say Ms. Le offers an exceptional quality of work at all times," writes Matthew Scarborough of his 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee, Jeannette Le. He further describes her as a "leader both inside and outside the office."

The senior, who is majoring in French, helped implement a blog for the DU Department of Languages & Literatures to promote projects and events. With more than three years of experience at the department, she had the know-how to welcome Mr. Scarborough to the office this year and pass on departmental policies and procedures. Le is also active in her community, serving as the Vice President of Finance for the Delta Delta Delta Sorority and volunteering her translation support to a Denver based non-profit, The Convergence Project. Congratulations on a well deserved nomination, Jeannette.

An Essential Piece: Hannah Katz

You know you've made an impact when co-workers view your graduation as bittersweet. Hannah Katz, a 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee, has won the admiration of staff at the Office of Student Affairs at Sturm College of Law. The administrative assistant graduates this June.

Katz will receive a master's degree in sport and performance psychology. She also earned her bachelor's degree at DU and readily shares the institutional knowledge she has gained over the years with fellow students and members of the Denver legal community. Her job also entails working at law school events. Thanks, Hannah, for all your excellent work!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Essential Piece: Samson Eberhart

Great attention to detail is a must in Human Resources at the University of Denver. Samson Eberhart demonstrates this trait in spades, according to his co-workers. He also shows great professionalism, handling inquires at the Human Resources front desk and interacting with current and prospective DU staff and faculty members.

In addition to working and studying International Business, the DU sophomore also is active in the Pioneer Leadership Program. Congratulations to the 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee.

An Essential Piece: Mali Darr

Conscientious. Competent. Dedicated. Reliable. These are a few of the words Mali Darr's co-workers draw upon to describe the 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee. Darr is an administrative assistant at the University College.

She has been employed with the school of professional and continuing studies at the University of Denver since she began her studies at DU as a freshmen. The now junior is majoring in electronic media arts design. Thanks, Mali, for all your hard work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Essential Piece: Jen Cupp

Working at the Office of Career and Professional Development at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies requires a broad skill set - the ability to meet deadlines, the patience for impeccable data entry, an eye for detail and organization, and strong communication skills. Internships Specialist Jen Cupp excels in all these essential areas, according to her supervisor, Associate Director Melissa Martin.

The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee is a second-year graduate student of International and Intercultural Communication. She has worked at the Office of Career and Professional Development since 2009. Cheers to Jen for all her excellent contributions.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Essential Piece: Tarika Cefkin

Tarika Cefkin embodies the best attributes of the Nathan Yip Foundation: she loves people and works hard to lift the spirits of those who surround her, according to the foundation's president, David Thomson. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year has contributed to the foundation in myriad ways since stepping into her position as executive assistant about a year ago. She coordinates corporate outreach efforts, distributes a web-based newsletter and helped the foundation achieve its most successful fundraising campaign to-date. The funds will enable the foundation to build schools in China and Ethiopia.

Grieving parents Jimmy and Linda Yip founded their philanthropic organization in 2002 to honor their son, Nathan, who died in a car accident at only 19-years-old. Nathan often traveled with his parents to rural China and was struck by the poverty and lack of opportunity. Today, the foundation exists to realize Nathan's dream of bringing opportunities to impoverished children in China, Haiti, Mexico, Africa and the U.S.

Cefkin, a recent graduate of the International and Intercultural Communication Program, plans to continue her work with the foundation. Congratulations to Tarika and the Nathan Yip Foundation for their inspired work.

An Essential Piece: Monica Carroll

For the last year and a half, Monica Carroll has eased the minds of Certified Public Accountants at Holben Hay Balzer CPAs LLC. Firm Administrator Donna Mills describes the music major as punctual, reliable and professional.

As a file clerk, Carroll handles a variety of detailed projects for the firm. From the 10th floor where her office is located, Carroll gets the perk of a spectacular mountain view. She also is gaining real world experience to complement her minor in business administration. Carroll plans to graduate this June. The Office of Student Employment salutes her contribution to Hay Balzer CPAs LLC.

Monday, March 21, 2011

An Essential Piece: Brittany Bybee

In the Office of Student Affairs at the DU Sturm College of Law, there is a noticeable difference when Brittany Bybee isn't on the clock. The 2011 Student Employee of the Year Nominee makes the office run more smoothly, handling student and faculty inquiries in a friendly and approachable manner, according to her supervisors and nominators, Katie Vilders, Dan Vigil, and Lauri Kraus. 

Bybee is a first-year graduate student in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies. The Minnesota native is studying International and Intercultural Communication. Thanks, Brittany, for all your hard work.

An Essential Piece: Robert Boyd

Spring greetings from the Office of Student Employment! We are gearing up for our campus-wide celebration of National Student Employment Week, April 11-15. Our theme this year is "Essential Pieces." In anticipation of the celebration, we'll reveal our Student Employee of the Year Nominees on this blog over the next two weeks. Each day, we'll introduce you to two nominees in the morning and the afternoon.

So, meet Nominee Robert Boyd, a media relations assistant for DU Athletics and Recreation.
Boyd, a senior who is studying International Business, has been employed with Athletics and Recreation for four years. He is a tremendous asset to the department, managing day-to-day media relations for the university's golf teams, according to his nominators, Erich Bacher, Director of Media Relations, and Nicole Dupes, Associate Director of Media Relations. His assistance with media relations for the gymnastics team and his professional demeanor proved so invaluable, his supervisors sent him to California to be the media point person during a competition. Boyd is the first student in the department to have earned such an honor, according to Bacher and Dupes. Thanks for all your hard work, Robert!